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Founded in 2009, ROCKSOUL specializes in high-quality computer peripheral products. ROCKSOUL’s product line is the result of insane attention to detail in design and development, and the relentless pursuit of quality, feeling, and functionality. Spanning more than 12,000 kilometers, ROCKSOUL capitalizes on creative labs in Los Angeles, California.

With top-notch products and services, ROCKSOUL is set to become THE peripheral of choice at the fingertips of millions of users. We are the “Gamer’s Best Friend.” High quality, high functionality, at an affordable price point. All that you ever dreamed of for your ideal user experience, we aim to deliver.

Today, ROCKSOUL continues to focus on our core concept as a brand, tapping into new sales channels and acquiring the best technology in computer peripherals for our players all over the world. After 10 years of operation, we at ROCKSOUL are excited and looking forward to another 10 years of delivering excellent service to you, the Gamer.

We at ROCKSOUL believe that “all true technological innovation comes out of the user experience and user feedback, which together represent gamers’ ever-evolving search for the ultimate gaming experience”. To be the best, there is no alternative. But to be every GAMER’S BEST FRIEND, ROCKSOUL must maintain its position at the top of the class in hardware device design. This is a challenge we eagerly accept, as it means even more opportunities to thrill and move our fans.

ROCKSOUL, therefore, embodies a flourishing ecosystem comprising “roots, branches, and leaves” suffused with the spirit. In one fell swoop, we are now cooperating with the largest retail outlets. In addition to pursuing ever higher quality and performance benchmarks, we also strive to provide the most diverse product line amongst our competitors, while offering the most convenient consumer purchasing platform and most attentive after-sales services; taken together, these goals represent the original spirit of ROCKSOUL.

ROCKSOUL maintains a strategic position in America’s popular competitive gaming market, firmly rooted in our insistence on preserving our grassroots commitment to customer service. We sponsor not only the original competitive gaming national team but also competitive gaming teams from other countries: we assist them with resources, technology, and other professional services.

We at ROCKSOUL understand the importance of continuing to cultivate the most phenomenal user experiences, so that we can fully realize our company vision of “GAMER’ S BEST FRIEND”.

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